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For over 30 years, Jeff Bunch has represented defendants in cases both big and small. Our proven record of success includes jury and bench trials in Georgia Superior and State Courts as well as the Federal Northern District of Georgia. Beyond the trial, Mr. Bunch helps our clients achieve the success they deserve in the Federal and Georgia appellate courts, being licensed even in the Supreme Court of the United States.

Unfortunately, the rules in our legal system are very complicated.
Do not rely on generic information from another website or from an inexperienced attorney. We are experts. Let us help.

If you are facing criminal charges for Driving Under the Influence,
Possession of a Controlled Substance, Shoplifting, or Minor in Possession, come speak with us. We can help.

After your arrest, you may feel helpless against a system that is stacked against you, prosecutors who don't care about your circumstances, and some attorneys who just want too much money.

We win because we are experienced trial attorneys. We will get your charges dismissed, beat up on the prosecutor to get the best possible deal, or fight to win your case - whichever is best in your particular case. Because we are experienced, our fees are low, and we have a variety of payment plans. In fact, we strive to have the lowest fees in Cobb County and we will not be undersold by another attorney.

Our firm is "AV" rated by our peers, we are experienced with Georgia and Federal jury trials, we are members of the United States Supreme Court Bar - and the prosecutors know us. We are serious about getting you the best possible result at the lowest possible cost.

Jeffrey D. Bunch

MERCER UNIVERSITY, B.B.A., M.B.A. and J.D. Mr. Bunch was admitted to both the Georgia Bar & Federal Bar in 1985. With over 30 years experience, Mr. Bunch has provided experienced legal services, effectively and efficiently, no matter how complex the case may be, including jury trials in both Georgia and Federal courts.

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